GM Hooly and Chris Witt invited me to speak on The Forge: A Genesys RPG Podcast (one of their many fantastic podcasts on the d20 Radio Network). We had a great conversation about laying out and formatting your self-published RPGs, both for print and digital media. I highly encourage anyone who’s thought about publishing on the DM’s Guild or the Genesys Foundry to give it a listen!

With an ever-increasing library of products available on the Foundry, have you ever stopped to consider what you’re looking at? Not the words on the page, but the visuals. The art, the paragraphs, the backgrounds, and the appearance of the document? If you have, and it fascinates you, then have we got a show for you, as we get to discuss the ins and outs of layout with the ever-amazing Katrina Ostrander.

EPISODE 6 – Laying It All Out

What tips and tricks have you found effective when self-publishing RPGs for print or digital media? Leave a comment below!