Today my debut novella Ice and Snow has been published as part of the first volume of The Great Clans of Rokugan! This story of political intrigue and swashbuckling romance follows the heir to a samurai clan as her skills as a diplomat and duelist are put to the test. For those of you familiar with Legend of the Five Rings, this tale is set five years before the Living Card Game storyline and offers an early glimpse into the star-crossed relationship between Doji Hotaru and Bayushi Kachiko.

Doji Hotaru’s reputation is tarnished by the fact that she did not compete in the Topaz Championship—the illustrious dueling tournament put on by her own teacher and his dueling academy. The Emperor’s illustrious Winter Court would be the perfect place to restore her stature and prove her worth to her clan, but she is forced to stay behind, serving as the acting lord of her clan’s ancestral palace instead. But when the Mantis Clan launches a surprise attack against on of her clan’s island keeps, it falls to Hotaru to keep the peace and avoid a war at all costs.

As Hotaru runs out of diplomatic solutions, the Emperor sends the infamous and alluring Scorpion Clan courtier, Bayushi Kachiko, as his emissary to arbitrate the dispute. But what secrets does Kachiko hide behind her mask, and will Hotaru be able to win Kachiko to her side?

You can read the first two chapters of the story on the Aconyte Books web site (make sure to click the cover under the Read For Free Now section) and order your copy in ebook or trade paperback format from these booksellers in the US (and many more). The UK release will be February 17, 2022.

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Legend of the Five Rings

The realm of Rokugan is a land of samurai, courtiers, and mystics—dragons, magic, and divine beings. Here, the seven Great Clans have defended and served the Emperor for over a thousand years, in battle and in the imperial court. Yet while conflict and political intrigue divide the clans, the true threat awaits in the darkness of the Shadowlands. Originally created in 1995, the Emerald Empire has been explored through Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, Battle for Rokugan, the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game, Adventures in Rokugan, and Legend of the Five Rings Fiction.