Writing Credits

Legend of the Five Rings Fiction

Editorial Credits

Android Fiction

  • Undercity by Richard Lee Byers
  • Exodus by Lisa Farrell
  • Monster Slayer by Daniel Lovat Clark
  • Monitor by Leigh Alexander

Arkham Horror Fiction

  • Dark Revelations by Amanda Downum
  • Blood of Baalshandor by Richard Lee Byers
  • The Deep Gate by Chris A. Jackson
  • To Fight the Black Wind by Jennifer Brozek
  • The Dirge of Reason by Graeme Davis
  • Ire of the Void by Richard Lee Byers
  • Hour of the Huntress by Dave Gross

Legend of the Five Rings Fiction

  • Deathseeker by Robert Denton III
  • Trail of Shadows by D.G. Laderoute
  • The Eternal Knot by Marie Brennan
  • Across the Burning Sands by Daniel Lovat Clark
  • Whispers of Shadow and Steel by Mari Murdock
  • The Sword and the Spirits by Robert Denton III
  • First Scroll: Fiction from the Core Set by Various Authors