Lords of Nal Hutta

SWE11 Lords of Nal Hutta


Lead Developers

Katrina Ostrander and
Max Brooke

Writing and Additional Development

Gary Astleford, Ryan Brooks, Daniel Lovat Clark, Jeff Hall, Sterling Hershey, and Greg Koteles

Delve into the seediest realms of the galactic underworld in Lords of Nal Hutta. Explore the swamps of the Hutt homeworld and the neon spires of Nar Shaddaa, and range across the deadly wilds of Kintan, Sriluur, and Toydaria. This book contains everything that daring fringers and fugitives need to seek their fortunes on the worlds of the galaxy’s most notorious gangsters.

This sourcebook includes:

  • Detailed profiles for the major worlds of Hutt Space.
  • Four new species options, including the mighty Hutts themselves.
  • New weapons, equipment, contraband, and vehicles used and sold by the Hutt kajidics and their minions.
  • Five modular encounters that GMs can use to weave this deadly region into an existing narrative or craft an ongoing adventure within Hutt Space.

Read More

Brutality and Brains: Contributing writer Gregory Koteles digs deeper into the three new playable species introduced in Lords of Nal Hutta.

Worlds of Iniquity: A preview of the locations and modular encounters featured in this sourcebook for Hutt Space.

Empire of Crime: Contributing writer Sterling Hershey introduces the four kajidics featured in Lords of Nal Hutta, including two that he designed.

Lords of Nal Hutta: Fellow developer Max Brooke gives a broad overview of the contents of the new setting sourcebook for the Star Wars: Edge of the Empre role-playing game.

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