Age of Rebellion Beginner Game



Lead Developer

Max Brooke

Writing and Additional Development

Daniel Lovat Clark, Katrina Ostrander

The Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Beginner Game is the perfect entry into the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion roleplaying experience for players of all skill levels.

With its complete, learn-as-you-go adventure, players can open the box and immediately dive into their roles as members of the Rebel Alliance, desperately fighting against the superior might of the galactic Empire. Pre-generated character folios keep the rules right at your fingertips, while custom dice and an exciting narrative gameplay system advance your story with every roll.

The Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Beginner Game includes:

  • 1 32-page Adventure Book, 1 48-page Rulebook, and 1 Introduction Sheet
  • 4 Full-Color Character Folios
  • 1 Full-Color Double-Sided Foldout Map
  • 14 Custom Dice
  • 9 Destiny Tokens, 33 Character Tokens, and 7 Vehicle Tokens

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Operation: Shadowpoint: Download the free supplementary adventure written by Jordan Goldfarb.

Meet Your Heroes: An introduction to the four characters who have been tasked with taking over Whisper Base. The two supplementary characters can be downloaded here under the Support tab.

What’s Inside the Box? An overview of the components included in the beginner box.

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