Faith and Coin


Lead Developer

Max Brooke


John Dunn, Andy Hoare, Kory Hook, Gregory Koteles, Robert Grayston, Jason Marker, Katrina Ostrander, Julija Petkus

It is a Rogue Trader’s duty to assist missionaries in spreading the Imperial Creed across the stars. In Faith and Coin, a Rogue Trader supplement for players and GMs, the complex relationships between missionaries and Rogue Traders come to life, with new Endeavors to complete and new worlds to convert. Find sacred relics, smite vile heretics, or embark on new Alternate Career Paths with the grace of the God-Emperor guiding you every step of the way.

Faith and Coin features:

  • New Endeavours for crews to take on as they work to spread the Imperial Creed as well as boost profit for their dynasty
  • Alternate Career Ranks for Explorers to gain powerful new knowledge and abilities, as well as weapons, equipment, relics, and more
  • The Sacred Heart, an exciting new adventure which allows Explorers to seek the legendary tomb of Saint Cognatius

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The Making of a Missionary: Lead Developer Max Brooke discusses the development of the art from the book.

In His Name: Contributor John Dunn introduces Saint Cognatius and sets the stage for The Sacred Heart, an adventure included in Faith and Coin, in this designer diary.

Faith and Coin: Lead Developer Max Brooke previews some of the book’s contents.

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